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If you are interested in connecting for work, my Linkedin profile can be found at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thatjamestaylor


I enjoy building mutually beneficial partnerships that further distribution of a product I believe in – and I source those partnerships by identifying how our product or service can most benefit the end-customer.

After graduating college, I went to work for a law firm in San Francisco, thinking I’d go to law school. I realized pretty quickly that wasn’t for me and started talking to a co-worker about starting a business. I co-founded OvaHere.com in 2001 as a visual entertainment guide and built a successful web business from scratch that I ran until 2008.

www.OvaHere.com was conceived as a digital replacement for the traditional means my peers (young professionals) used to plan their weekend — the SF Weekly print edition. We wrote the business plan after work for 6 months and finally launched it at a New Years Eve event we photographed for some influential tastemakers (by convincing them we were professional photographers). My idea was to build content and audience to our website by photographing local events – and then driving people to the site to see the photos of themselves. Once there, they’d see it as a valuable source for planning their fun with a digital event listings, and bar/club/restaurant directory.

That strategy of driving traffic through photos worked well and over the years we were able to build an audience of around 50,000 people (unique users) per month and 15,000 email subscribers. I always sought out co-marketing agreements with entities that already were a channel to our desired audience/demo and eventually even did a deal with SF Weekly to photograph its events in exchange for them driving people to us to see the photos.

Once we built the audience I was able to monetize it through selling web and email advertising to merchants (bars, restaurants, clubs), event producers (live music, clubs), and eventually, large brands (either directly or through agencies).

In 2007 I decided to move to Seattle (because if you were in your late 20’s and had not yet purchased a home, YOU WERE WAY BEHIND!!!!) to purchase a home because Bay Area real estate was a bit untenable. 

After OvaHere.com I went to Urbanspoon where I built and managed a reseller network and affiliate programs for our revolutionary iPad SaaS, Rezbook. It was pretty sweet to do a job where I thought about eating and technology all day. Most recently I’ve worked on the launch of a DTC Telemedicine bringing a completely new category of healthcare to market. I knew nothing about healthcare when I started and in hindsight really wish I had known more (another story).  I did a Masters in Digital Media at the University of Washington where I met and collaborated with some really great people and fostered an appreciation for the Dawgs. I use me degree to inform my outreach strategies and tactics and require any new person meeting me to refer to me as Master Taylor. This dovetails with the martial arts theme of my blog as well, so there’s that.

Here’s some keyword stuff for your internet bots: 12+ years of high impact business development and channel sales experience in technical environments.  Oversight of new product launches, including those in healthcare, consumer internet, and B2B SaaS products and services.  Manage go-to-market strategy and execution, channel sales and marketing functions in start-up and mature businesses.  Consistently beat aggressive sales targets and adept at establishing relationships with key accounts.  Experience in co-marketing and building business-to-business partnerships.  Entrepreneurial spirit combined with a pragmatic and practical approach to product development (often requiring a sense of humor and humility). Doing Business, Product, Market Development, and Marketing roles in the Seattle metropolitan area since 2007, San Francisco Bay Area before that.


If you wish to see James Taylor’s musings on parenting, please visit our sister website, WorldsBestDaddy.org (seriously). If you are interested in contributing, please drop a line to jstaylor33 (at) gmail (dot) com.

1) Yes, I’ve been keeping the jstaylor33@ from the good old Aol days, and b) I have the same password for everything.  Ack! hackers, never mind, I definitely do not have the same password for everything!


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