Delaying a child’s milestone’s… definitely best interest of all involved: moving from crib to bed?

Earlier I debated whether or not delaying one of AT’s developmental milestone’s, potty training, might be the right thing to do and concluded that… whoops, it’s too late, we already started it and the diaper could not be put back on.  It really was a quite weak analysis, considering it’d already been done and a bunch of know-it-all Doctors and Scientists say that they should actually start potty training about 6 months before AT started.  I’m not one to believe in stuff like “science” when I have a gut to tell me what to believe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another upcoming milestone that a little science experiment I’m conducting with an owl and might actually help me delay.

This milestone is currently up for debate and my position that we should delay it for at least a couple of months is potentially a losing battle.  Should AT move from the crib to the bed?  Now, mind you, this sounds like a great thing — it would mean she’ll have the ability and autonomy to… get out of bed whenever she wants!   Yeah, um, I for one kind of like regulating that aspect of her life a bit.  I’m not saying I take advantage of her being trapped in the crib, but who doesn’t want to be able to sleep in till 11:45 am on a Tuesday if they feel like it, occasionally or regularly!  I feel I’ve earned that much.

These things really do act as a great jail – locking up your infant in them not only restricts their movement, but can basically just be hosed down when dirty.

AT’s mom found a great device now that acts as her alarm clock, an amazing piece of technology called

OK To Wake! Owl With Night-Light & Music, Nap Timer

and it’s actually working and a great tool for my science experiment!  It’s not a traditional alarm clock in that it’s primary function is not to wake you up – it is a light up owl that signals to the kid that it’s ok for them to scream out for you to come get them when the time you’ve set triggers the green light on its belly.  While I say and believe it’s working quite well now (although not so much on the weekend), it took some time for her to adjust to it and there were periods where she wouldn’t fall asleep with that owl in the same room as her.  Crying out, “No owl daddy!” as the tears streamed down her face was rough, but I think we’ve reached an equilibrium where she basically gave up and is listening to the owl.

This means she doesn’t scream out until 6:30 am on weekdays…. and 6:37 or 6:38 am on weekends.  Meaning she generally wakes up around her standard 6 or 6:15 am and waits until the light on weekdays to alert me she’s up.  Meaning, she can’t wait until the 7:15 am time I’ve set it for on weekends.  She can wait past 6:30, but at a certain point, getting up and looking at an owl longingly hoping its belly will turn green isn’t flying with her, and she won’t have it.

This owl experiment is supposed to carry on to the bed from the crib and in theory she’s pretty well acclimated to it during the week or as long as it’s going off just slightly after she wants to wake up anyway.  If there’s one thing a little over 2 years of parenting has taught me, it’s that you can’t trust your kids…. not for a second.  Their developing and nimble young minds are just way to sharp and they have nothing to think about all day except ways to “get over on you”.  I love AT more than anything, but she is at an age where looking out for number 1 is her modus operandi.

Many of my friends with kids have kept the little ones trapped in the crib until 3 or so, and I’m advocating for that – to truly in grain the owl into her life and routine.  I think at that point the owl and Daddy, will have won, which is really what parenting is all about.

This, perhaps in light of his history is a bit inappropriate, but here’s R. Kelly’s “trapped in the closet” to give you something to think about as you help me delay this milestone.  Thanks for your support.

She didn’t even pay for these blackberries – opting to steal them from the neighbors blight… or… ok, it’s my blight.  I really should prune that.


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