Delaying a Child’s Milestones – Yay! or Nay?

Andie is an amazing little 2 year old, with a good grasp of human behavior (relative to her age) and a highly developed wit.  She has mastered both the call-back, such as continually rehashing jokes at opportune times like “I’m peeing daddy” while she pees on the floor.  She has also a deadpan delivery, whereby she doesn’t flinch when telling me that the TV is hurt when it’s turned off. But I’m having a really hard time embracing the new milestone’s her daycare feels she’s ready for and should be put in place.  Right now we are in the midst of potty training hell!  Hell might be a bit of a dramatic overstatement, but constant accidents = much harder than diapers, and we’re having constant accidents.  God, I hope they’re accidents…

I will say its gotten radically easier since I got my cast off last week, but this begs the question, was she in fact as ready for this as daycare claims she was?

This red claw sure helped out a bunch when hosing off poopy underwear! not

Her daycare, Minor Avenue Children’s House, is truly amazing and I feel lucky that we were able to get her in – even with those subpar test scores.  They are tremendous at helping her develop as a human both socially and  emotionally, but, I’m having a really hard time with this latest potty training milestone and particularly dreading the next one… moving out of the crib and into a bed.  She’ll be free!  To come and go as she pleases!  I might as well give her the keys to my car or teach her how to start a chain saw.

Many parents I speak with about potty training are shocked that she’s moving to diaper free at two, especially ones that have only 1 kid, primarily because the 2nd or 3rd kid usually learns stuff like potty training after seeing siblings.

According to daycare, there’s no turning back at this point.  You know what they say though, when life gives you poopy pants, make lemonade.  So, I’ll take this an opportunity to start a pro/con list framework that I’ll call Yay! or Nay to use for other milestones.  Here it is.

Brushing teeth is a milestone at 6 months and she’s pretty diligent… and I bite my tongue hard when I think about how pointless it is. (propogated by marketers at Crest in the 1960’s)

1) Who is benefiting from toilet traing?

Possible answers:   Andie, Parents, Minor Avenue Children’s House (MACH), all of the above.

To find these answers, I went to the internets to find out, “What’s the average age a child begin potty training in US?”

Hmmm…. well, it’s 18 months, according to this fishy website with all this pertinent information on it:

So… the answer is obviously….

Answer:  MACH

Disregard this whole post, seems that she should have starting potty training significantly before MACH encouraged it.  She’s way behind and now will never be able to catch up.

I’ll think some more about this and be more proactive in soliciting feedback from you, my community, on future milestones such as:


Public v. Private?


Should she even go to High School, or will she be better prepared for our evolving world by moving to the developing world and learning how to develop mobile applications for developmentally challenged adults (which will be 87% of the populous by the time she’s 27 years old)?


Let her join the girl scouts or ROTC?

Force her to play sports?

Force her to play piano?

Sure, her best friends parents allow them to be unsupervised at all times at 13, should I maybe say, “hey, I don’t like that young lady, I forbid you to hang out with her!”?

Should I allow her to go out with that nice kid who goes to that junior college when she’s 15, just because he has a hovercraft and is willing to give her a ride to that Piano lesson I’m forcing on her?

Should I adopt an extreme religion and force it on her so she doesn’t want to date anyone?

These are all larger more impactful questions that I’ll need to weigh the Yays! and Nays? that I will dive deeper into at a later date.  Thanks for listening.  As a token of my appreciation, here’s a photo of Andie doing something cute.

Babies in PJ’s on the beach at sunset….




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  1. […] Delaying a Child’s Milestones – Yay! or Nay? […]

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