Another quick update to my luxury vehicle saga… the return

…. So the day after I railed against my “guy” Morris and his slow return and fix of my 1980 Mercedes Benz, what do you suspect happens?  You guessed it, I start getting calls from Morris, including one at 6 am (because who doesn’t want to be woken up by a mechanic with smokers cough?).  This is not to say that my blog is so influential and news-worthy that seemingly non-tech-savvy mechanics are now immediately aware of everything that is said here – or maybe it is?

Tech Crunch is reporting that is becoming the most influential blog amongst vintage Mercedes Benz mechanics in the Seattle Area...

There’s a pretty famous Clay Shirky story about how the power of social networks allowed a poor upwardly mobile New York City hipster to retrieve her phone from a teenager in Queens who had stolen it from her….  (check out Here Comes Everybody for a non-butchered and potentially accurate version of this), and I’d liken my situation to this, or perhaps it’s nothing like this.

Regardless, Morris called the day after my breaking (and heartbreaking) story went live.  How did he find out about it?  Perhaps he has a google alert setup or maybe radian 6?  More likely than not, it was a simple coincidence.  The original issue of it needing a new fuel pump (which he graciously offered to look around for a good deal for me for about 4+ months) which would have cost $1,000+ – became a non-issue and he was able to fix this and quite a few other minor issues for $174.

“That thing had more algae swimming in it than any car I’ve ever seen. So we got in there and snaked the whole thing clean. And we put on your front license plate for you (cough).”

The upshot is that the shop stored my luxurious lemon for over 4 months and Morris was able to save me a bunch of money. I would recommend Ravelli Motors to anyone who has an old German car.


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