Quick Update to “I hate my luxury vehicle that I love so much” – day 73 in the shop and still no word from Morris

As some of you may recall, I own a luxury vehicle (LV).  I say this not to again rub your nose in the fact that I own a luxury vehicle (nor is it a way to reiterate that I own one at such a young age). It’s pretty amazing though. I just smile thinking about it. I digress.  I write to update you on this sign of opulence and absolute luxury as well as impeccable taste.


It's difficult having impeccable taste... it causes a lotta speeding tickets 🙂



As I recanted to you and I’m sure you remember, this luxury vehicle is a little “finicky” – like a cat with a collar studded with peerless diamonds from Jared, or a 1962 Aston Martin, and it has spent about equally as much time in the shop as the open road for as long as we’ve owned it. The shop is where my “guy” takes care of the LV, great care.  It’s the kind of shop where there are 15 different and equally luxuriously dated German cars parked in front and every mechanic is chain-smoking the entire time.  It probably has looked exactly the same for over 30 years.

The 80's German Car Graveyard a bit like my Repair Shop, Ravelli Motors

As long as I don’t ask any questions, we have a great relationship and he does great work (perhaps in a less than timely manner).  If I drop my LV off with Morris, I ask, no… I demand, that I can come back and pick it up within 6 months or maybe even less.  This is why I write, I dropped off the LV after my last post and I haven’t even had to make any decisions.  Morris has never called to let me know it’s done.

It’s kinda ironic that I call Morris my “guy” as he refers to me regularly as “guy,” but I suspect that’s simply because he doesn’t know my name.

“Hi Morris, this is James with the 1980 Mercedes, I’m just checking in to see what’s going on?  Can I come pick it up?”

“Uh… wait, who?”

“You have my 1980 Mercedes.”

“Oh, yeah, well guy, the fuel pump is busted.  I’m looking for a spare part, I have a couple calls in to get it.  I gotta go over there to check it out, I’ll do that soon, or wait to hear back.”

“Ok, great, so you’ll let me know when it’s ready?”

“Oh great, yeah guy, you’ll be the first to know.  Gotta go, someone’s here”   *CLICK*

“So… are you there.”

That’s a pretty standard back-and-forth that we have.   Then generally he calls back a day or two letter to let me know that they found something besides what I brought it in for is wrong on top of the thing I brought it in for.  This is definitely not to say that Morris has been anything but fair and a good mechanic – I think he is.

The last I heard, Morris called to tell me, “it’s got a leaky pump, I’m on it.  Just give me a couple days and I’ll let you know what we need to do.”

That was over 3 months ago….  and I’m really not that disappointed to not have the LV.  It has leaky gaskets and the rain would be causing more mold.

1980 Mercedes Benz (featured recently in Young Jeezy Video, "Rollin' in my Eight-Oh... with my Nine"


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