Celebrity babies, they’re just like our baby… Andie’s first haircut with Dave Mathews!

To be honest, I wasn’t that jazzed about Andie getting her first haircut. For one thing, maybe she’s not ready for it – she doesn’t really have any hair to cut.  For another, they want to charge me $20 for the 3 minute chop – what are we, some sort of celebrities?!!?  More on that later.

$20 infant haircuts are not just the province of the uber-celebrity, but us regular folks too....

As we drove there, Maggie was wondering which hairstyle the stylist would “recommend” –  a bob?  maybe a perm?  perhaps one of those off-kilter hipster pixie doos (that frankly she had already cultivated naturally).  I suggested a straight pixie, because that was really all that could be done with the material presented.  Generally though we were both excited to see what would happen.

She was starting to have 2nd thoughts at this point.... do I know this isn't some sort of waterboarding device?

It was really a great experience and I was surprised to see that the haircut really made a big difference in her appearance.  No longer did she resemble an employee at American Apparel or a surly barista, her hair looked cute.  That’s not to say that the process wasn’t without some tears.

When we arrived the stylist let us know that only 1 parent was allowed with the kid at a time, so Mags went first.  It was great for her to be able to play and comfort her while the haircut was going on – Andie seemed blissfully unaware and they both were having a great time.  Then it was my turn and I was informed that we were going to “do the bangs.”

“When we do the bangs, y0u’re going to need to wrap one arm gently around her arms to pin them down, and with your other arm gently pin her chin against your chest!” – As you might imagine that is not one of her favorite positions.  When you have to “pin” some part of her down, she’s not going to be a big fan.  So my experience was a little different in that she was crying the entire time and looking at me like I was trying to pry her fingernails off.

Her new haircut is pretty sharp....

We were at Wallingford Center, an old school that’s been refurbished as a retail space in the heart of our neighborhood.  As the haircut was wrapping up, I glanced over towards the waiting area and noticed a little blonde boy with flowing locks who was on-deck for a haircut, and then I noticed who the little towhead was with, none other than your favorite South African singer, and my Wallingford neighbor – Dave Mathews.

By all accounts, Dave is a very nice guy. and I can attest to the fact that he lives in a very modest house (I can also attest to the fact that he likes to keep his blinds closed, and yes, he does have an alarm system).  We made eye contact, and I don’t think I’m out of line in assuming this was mutual, but some serious sparks were flying and both of our hearts were racing.  Even under this duress, I think I said something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, baby loves her first haircut” – as I was wiping away one of her tears, to which he tenderly replied, “That’s a good one.”  I’m not sure if he meant, “that’s a good one” in mocking reference to my joke -OR- if he truly appreciated my pithy-yet-observant comment.  Regardless it was pretty special for both of us.

Dave and I made some more deep eye contact and we were really vibing each other.  As we were paying for the haircut for our 7-month-old (that cost only slightly more than my own haircuts cost), Maggie looked over and smiled at Dave.   This was the 2nd time she’s had an encounter with Dave.  The first was on a walk with our friend Kelly – a big DMB fan.  She made Mags walk in front of his house and he happened to be outside with one of the kids.  Just as they approached Mags went under a low-hanging branch with a bunch of cobwebs, and with her typical gracefulness, she made a yelp and flailed to get the cobwebs off.  I guess this is a typical manner in which Dave’s fan greet him so he mistook this as a gesture of a rabid fan.  According to Kelly, he made kind of a flirty passing comment.  Kelly had to explain the magnitude of this encounter to the Magster as she had absolutely no idea that that person she literally ran-in-to, had actually been Dave.

We walked out of Wallingford Center very happy with lil’ Andie’s new doo, and I made a comment to Maggie about the encounter with Dave Mathews we had both just had, to which she replied, “What?  He was there?”  Yes, yes, he was.

Just because our child gets her haircut at the same place Dave Mathews’ kids get their haircut, doesn’t mean we’ve changed.  We’re still the same people.  We’re just a LOT more important.

Only one of these guys lives in my neighborhood (although this photo was taken at my house)


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One thought on “Celebrity babies, they’re just like our baby… Andie’s first haircut with Dave Mathews!

  1. seattlekungfoolery December 20, 2010 at 10:48 am Reply

    Also, I was talking to a co-worker this morning and he made a great suggestion for the next time this happens…. cut a lock of the Mathews’ kids hair. Forget mobile photos, the real money is in locks of celebrity kids hair!!

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