Baby Watch(ings) Day 3, 4: Meltdown Control

Days 3 and 4 kinda melted into 1 day as it was again sunny and the overall mood in Seattle for a as much as I could gather was chipper.  Friday was pretty uneventful.  We had work days, some fuller than others, and Magster was able to take some sun-bathing breaks in the backyard, yet ended up working past 6… on a Friday.

We had some friends come over, Graham and Lisa Day, proud parents of a 4 month old named Luella (I’m 60% sure that’s a pretty good job trying to spell Luella).  On the walk from our house to the Fremont Brewing Company we walked by Gypsy Trader Coffe, which is a fairly nondescript coffee shop that doubles as a pretty cool-looking barn type open-mic spot.  I commented to Graham that I had only recently poked my head in to discover what seems to be a pretty great place.  Our friend Ed plays mandolin in weekly jam session there, and that was how I happened upon it.  Sometime I’d like to go back.

As we sauntered by with our posse of preggo and new parents, we saw none other than Ed and our other friend Steve jamming.  “Is that Ed’s head?”, I asked.  “That’s Steve’s head!”, Maggie commented back, and suddenly we had 2 more for the Fremont Brewing Company.  Everyone knows newborn babies need beer, and Graham had actually suggested the reconnaissance mission to retrieve a cheese plate and knife he had left at his prior visit on behalf of Mt. Townsend Creamery (he does tastings for his brothers cheese co.).

After sampling a beer in one of the few “bars” in Seattle that allows you to take a newborn baby (and our dog Friday), we need food.  An hour later we were gorging (it was 9:30 by this point) on Costa Brava taco truck tacos, burritos, and quesadillas (they ran out of their amazing tamales 3 hours before we arrived).

You should try this cheese, this cow endorses it and so do I!

Saturday was another lovely day and unfortunately it started with the prospect of helping our friends Jess and Will move in together.  I’m all for love and “getting serious” – but generally not when it involves me having to help someone move.  Will had been in a pretty serious car accident only a day ago though so it was pretty hard not to say yes.  Before that, we met our friends Kelly and Kevin at this interesting spot in Maple Leaf called Kona something.  It’s owned by this Hawaiian guy that you’d totally recognize from b-movies and even some action block-busters from the 1990’s, I couldn’t tell you what his name was.  I had the Kona fried rice, which would have been better as a side. Magster had the diamond head french toast, which seemed to be a wiser move.

I got to spend some quality time catching up with Jess as Will had to help his roommates and Maggie stayed at their place helping to get them organized.  If you’re looking for someone with hyper-sensitive nesting instinct to rearrange your pantry – the pregnant lady is the way to go.  This did leave Maggie with a lot of time by herself, and she’s been doing a lot of solo stuff lately working from home.

This kinda came to a head after we got home.  After we got back, I ended up helping our neighbor Jacob who’s got a pretty outrageous broken concrete pile going that he’s trying to turn into a retaining wall.  It was good fun helping him move stuff around, but suddenly it was 4 hours later.

I arrived home to a broken pregnant lady, lying in bed, despondent.  She had spent too much time by herself overanalyzing our bun-still-in-the-oven issue.  Luckily I was pretty good at getting her out of the funk, by making her get up and walk around the block with me – and making her a pretty damn fine home cooked meal.  We still had some lettuce left over from our “harvest” and some thundering hooves pork chops from SPUD.  I brined the pork chops (Mags idea that turned out pretty marvelous) and made a salad with fuji apples, the lettuce, cheddar, chopped pecans, and my mama’s vinaigrette recipe.

Still no baby….

Magster felt a bit like this poor woman - until my nurturing skillz showed up


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One thought on “Baby Watch(ings) Day 3, 4: Meltdown Control

  1. jess May 17, 2010 at 3:35 am Reply

    I didn’t know you had a baby blog going. Thanks again to both of you for helping yesterday:)

    Can’t wait to meet you Andie.

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